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Encountering a venomous snake is a terrifying ordeal and a concern for people on your property, and the chances are even higher if your property is near the wild. It comes naturally that you would train yourself and your employees to ensure safety if a snake gets onto your property.  


However, people are not the only ones that need protection from venomous snakes; your pets and other animals on your property need protection too. How can you keep your fur babies even when you are not around? That is why we provide dog training, to teach dogs the necessary caution against snakes. 


Our dog training is ideal, especially for those living on ranches and properties surrounded by wildlife. Dogs tend to engage with other creatures like squirrels and would naturally be inclined to engage with snakes as well; however, this is not what we want; instead, we want to train our fur babies to avoid snakes at all costs.  


We value all your dogs and strive to create a training environment where all dogs are treated humanely; that is why the training is customized to ensure that we treat each dog according to its size, age, and temperament and without subjecting them to harsh conditions. Alex, the client, does the training personally using e-collars. 


Why we use an e-collar 


The goal of an e-collar is to create urgency and can dictate several types of vibration, from minor to tremendous shock. 

However, the e-collar is not used on sensitive dogs; Alex uses the startle factor to train them. 

Vibration sound training is used for small dogs, while larger dogs are trained with the e-collar at the lowest setting and only move up if needed. 

Additionally, the client also offers dog avoidance training. 


Why consider our dog training services? 

  • This training is excellent for if a dog sees a snake out in the open, it will condition the dog to want nothing to do with the snake. This dog aversion training goes hand in hand with obedience training to ensure that the dog does not run off and the owner can give the dog orders that it will obey. 

 Note: SoCal Rattlesnake Removal does not provide dog obedience training. Please contact a dog obedience professional near you. 

  • We have a friendly environment, love dogs, and work with all dogs.  

  • Our training is done in the comfort of our customers’ homes. 


The amount of time it takes to train dogs is different, and it varies for each dog. Also, the estimate is based on the number of dogs and the location. 


We’re happy to answer any questions.

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