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Want to keep snakes out of your yard? Call us about snake fencing. It is one of the best, most direct, and simple ways to keep our tiniest animals, even snakes, under check. 


Our snake fencing is a specifically designed PVC galvanized mesh, a modification to existing fences and gates that creates new low-barrier profile barriers making an adequate wall to keep off snakes. 


SoCal Rattlesnake Removal has vast experience specializing in snake encounters, so we can evaluate every situation to create the best barriers to keep them off at homes and businesses.  

  • We handle the installation in-house, providing you with the best opportunity for a snake-free area.  

  • We supply all labor and all necessary materials. 


Not only is our snake fencing functional, but we also strive to achieve the most attractive appearance. Making a fence attractive is a very another endeavor than simply erecting one. We also secure gates and drain blocks and search your property to locate and remove any snakes that may have already wandered into the property. 


Our top priority is to ensure that we secure your property and provide longevity while we are at it. We want to ensure that the materials we use serve you for a long time, and our installation methods consider the range of sizes of snakes to prevent the possibility of having future access points. 


Why SoCal Rattlesnake Removal 

  • We offer functional and durable snake-proofing for your property. 

  • We do everything in-house: trenching, application, specialty cuts. 

  • We can guarantee that once installed, you will not worry about unwanted animals on your property because our snake fencing is one of the most effective tools to secure your property. 

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