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Jannet T.

We called Alex late in the evening 9 pm' ish!!

He arrived within 30 min. Alex was so genuinely concerned about keeping the snake safe and took the time to also educate us on the importance of respect for this beautiful snake and his Love for them !!! Alex relocated this rattle snake to a safe location where it could live away from us!

Much Thanks to a really sincere talented man!!!

Thank You

Meagan M.

Alex is a very respectful person. Not only is he willing to fill your needs, he has respect for the snake he is removing. He also truly knows what he is doing. He is a very kind person and a great listener. totally recommend Alex to be your guy to do the job. Becuse he is so respectful and will get the job done right!

Reina A.

Not only does Alex show extreme care but a deep passion for all animals! He’s polite, quick, and courteous. He’ll relocate the snake instead of killing them like the local fire departments at told to. 12/10 and will be recommending him to everyone I know!

Brian R.

Alex is a great person and his knowledge of what he does is incredible . I definitely recommend Socal rattlesnake removal. Thank you again Alex

Angelica B.

If you need someone who is dependable and trustworthy to handle the safe and kind removal of a Rattlesnake, Alex is your guy! He has handled snakes for a long time and I have not ever met someone who is as gentle with them as he is. Absolutely recommend!


A Message from John

John had an infestation of baby rattlesnakes on his property! I was able to track down and remove them! This is a rare case but sometimes rattlesnakes will breed near or on your property leaving you to deal with all their young.

A Message from David

David had a rattlesnake underneath a rock waterslide to his pool. Snakes tend to find shelter in the most unusual of spots. Thankfully he made the best decision in calling us to help solve his venomous problem.

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